Gurbax Sahota

President & Chief Executive Officer, CALED
Executive Director, CA Academy For Economic Development

Gurbax Sahota is an experienced association professional who believes in the importance and need to collaborate and create meaningful partnerships in order to accomplish the goal of creating healthy, wealthy communities. As President & CEO, Gurbax turns this belief into action by bringing together and leading multiple organizations aligned with the goal of helping businesses thrive in California. Gurbax holds leadership positions with CALED, the California Enterprise Development Authority, and the California Academy for Economic Development. Gurbax is using her experience in association leadership, knowledge of organizational studies, and her communications background to support the missions of all three organizations while ensuring that their operations are sustainable.

Gurbax is Currently Active in the Following Organizations:

  • California Enterprise Development Authority, Chair of the Board of Directors
  • California Academy for Economic Development, Executive Director
  • Agricultural Technology Innovation Partnership Foundation, Member of the Board of Managers and Founding Member
  • Council of Development Finance Agencies (CDFA), Member of the Board of Directors
  • California Statewide Revolving Loan Fund, Loan Committee Member

Jillian Boyd

Program Analyst

As program analyst, Jillian Boyd supports the administrative and program activities of the California Enterprise Development Authority (CEDA). That support ranges from updating and maintaining CEDA’s website per state and federal compliance to managing the FPPC compliance for all CEDA Board Members, to providing administrative support for CEDA Board meetings. In addition to this, Jillian manages and maintains the job advertisement program for CALED along with the CALED Webinar Wednesday Program – both of which she has run for the last few years.

My Kristy Nong

Office Manager

Kristy Nong, Manager of Administration and Member Activities is responsible for general administration including bookkeeping and membership renewals and retention for CALED and the California Academy for Economic Development. Kristy is also the Course Director for the Introduction to Economic Development Certificate Program and heads the Awards of Excellence Program for CALED.

Michelle Stephens

Economic Development Manager

Michelle is the Program Manager for CALED and its affiliates. As Program Manager, she is the lead on the Annual Conference and produces the quarterly Journal and weekly alerts. She is also the staff liaison to the Brownfields & Land Revitalization Committee and works on community LEAPs throughout the state.  

Additionally, she is the Business Outreach Specialist in Calaveras County as part of an EDA grant to which CALED is a partner. In that role, she performs one-on-one outreach to help the businesses in Calaveras County stay successful and grow to meet the needs of their customers. 


Helen Schaubmayer Caled

Helen Schaubmayer

Program Manager

As Program Manager, Helen works with the CALED team on promoting and managing our economic development financing tools including tax-exempt bonds through the California Enterprise Development Authority (CEDA) and our EDA revolving loan fund, managed in partnership with VEDC.   These low-cost financing tools assist both businesses and non-profits throughout California.  Helen administers these programs, ensuring policy and government requirements are met, and markets these tools to the CALED membership as well as other applicable audiences.