CALED Update

Do you want to know what CALED is doing to deliver our mission? CALED’s CEO provides a quarterly update to the membership to keep you informed on how we are making a difference for you.

Quarterly Membership Report

Econ Dev News

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Legislative Watch

CALED works hard to advocate on behalf of our members, providing California’s economic developers and stakeholders a voice at the state level. Each year, we monitor legislation impacting economic development and adopt current priorities our Legislative Action Committee pursues to further our mission.

Legislative Watch and Current Priorities

What is CALED?

The California Association for Local Economic Development (CALED) is California’s premier economic development association. With more than 800 members, it is one of the largest economic development associations in the country, which is why we refer to our membership as California’s Economic Development Network. Since 1980, when it was created, CALED has led the way in teaching economic developers, local elected officials, and state representatives the value of economic development and how it is used to grow businesses, generate revenue to support community development programs, and retain and create quality jobs.